Thursday, February 3, 2011

Morning Sunlight

Acrylic on Canvas

Tremont 12 Plus One Show
Collingwood Public Library, February 2011

I have a new show that has opened at the Collingwood Public Library for the month of February.  Named the Tremont 12 plus One,  this exhibit showcases new work from artists connected to The Tremont of Collingwood; women who either have studios on the second floor, or accomplished students, past and present, from The Bay School of Art. The exhibit includes paintings, ceramics and/or sculpture from: Darla Anderson, Terry Best, Fran Bouwman, Alison Boyak, Deirdre Chase, Adele Derkowski, Bonnie Dorgelo, Nonie French, Kaz Jones, Anke Lex, Andrea Rinaldo, Jenn Wilkins and myself.  Our opening reception is this Monday, February 7th from 5-7pm.  If you are in the area come on by!



Voilà encore un très joli tableau. Bravo Jennifer!
Tu as véritablement un style, ce qui est de plus en plus rare chez tout le monde qui s'est mis à peindre. Au moins, toi, tu ne copies sur personne. Les compositions, les couleurs, tout est beau.

Marie Theron said...

How fresh! I admire your ability to reduce a scene to such lovely lines and forms!