Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red Hot Forest

Acrylic on Canvas

I visited the McMichael Gallery yesterday in Kleinburg, Ontario,  home of Canada`s Group of Seven.  It is amazing to stand in front of such beautiful, inspiring art.  What is marvelous there is that it isn`t always the large scale, well know pieces that grab you, but the little gems, that were painted outside on site so many years ago.  One painting that grabbed me, that I had not seen before was Lawren Harris`  `Shacks`.   Though the reproduced image in the link does not do the painting justice.  You must see it in person to truly appreciate it.  Like all art!


Barb Sailor said...

Outstanding colors - beautiful painting- lovely painting technique! Glad I discovered your blog!

samantha. said...

hi there, i came across your art by searching group of seven paintings and you have BEAUTIFUL work. i checked your flickr and then i searched you on facebook, hoping you would have a page for your art that i could "like" and suggest to friends!

please let me know if you do. your art is astounding and facebook is a free way to grab more people's attention!

samantha erin.