Saturday, October 30, 2010

Long Afternoon Shadows

Acrylic on Canvas

I am rather obsessed with artist's studios at the moment, especially since I am in the process of planning my new one, which will be located in an unfinished old workshop attached to our house.  I am hoping to begin construction in Jan/Feb. 

I have mentioned the book Inside the Painter's Studio before, which is a favourite book of mine, exploring a number of famous contemporary artists' studios in and around New York.  Now I am very excited to tell you about a website created by an artist friend of mine Peter John Reid.  The website is called My Studio Space, and it is a completely interactive website where not only can you see other artists studios, but you can upload your own!  The point is to show the diverse spaces people work out of, no matter how small or how big.  It includes information like light sources, flooring type, floor plans, wall colours, and storage tips.  Check it out, and I hope that if you are an artist you will contribute!

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