Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Calming Effect

Acrylic on Canvas

This is one of my favourite paintings created in the last six months.  It is at one of my galleries right now,  but I may just have to get it back so that I can hang it on my own wall!  It is not often that I really want to hang on to painting, and am usually done with them once the signature is on.  I am excited to paint the next project.  Though occasionally it hits me, once I have let the painting go to a gallery, or sold it that maybe I should have held on to it.  Ever have that feeling?

1 comment:

Momo Luna said...

Yes i have. I always miss my work when its gone, but i know people who have it will cherish it.
I love your painting also a lot. It feels like morning to me because of the blues in the distant.
Sweet greetz.