Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tangled Maples Study

Acrylic on Canvas

As the biannual Square Foot Show approaches at the Loft Gallery (opens November 18th), I endeavour to paint a large number of these 12"x12" paintings.  My favourite part (beside the freeing feeling that I can really "play" with this size canvas - versus painting a much larger one where I definitely tighten up), is lining up all finished pieces.  It is like looking a a number of little "gems".  Very satisfying!  This was my first one painted for the show, but I just may have to keep it for myself...


Carole said...

Your work is lovely! I've just become your newest follower. If you have time come for a visit at my blog. We both like to paint with colour.

Lisa Graham Art said...

Hello Jennifer...I love your work! I am a nature lover and they way you display it on your canvases is vibrant and peaceful.

I am happy to be a new follower of yours : )