Thursday, January 7, 2010

As It Stands

60" x 48"
Acrylic on Canvas

This one is now officially the largest canvas that I have worked on.  I am getting used to the larger canvases, and quite enjoy painting them.  Once I am out of my current studio aka. laundry room, and into my future studio (approximately 1-2 years away), I will really be able to get big!  Until then, I am happy to chug along with my mid sized canvases.  The plan is to convert an unfinished workshop that is attached to our house into a working studio for me.  It is a good size, approx 24"x26", but needs heat, better lighting, drywall and a sink.  So in the meantime, I paint and save my pennies for the renovation!


Marie Theron said...

What you achieve with acrylics is amazing! There is something timeless about your lovely images, Jennifer, and I love this tranquil scene!

Mary Jane said...

Just thought I'd drop in from lurking to tell you I love your work so much. It reminds me so much of Ontario's beauty and variety of colour. And your painting style is superb. I hope you don't mind if I list you along with my favourites on my blog?