Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Been Around for a Long Time

24" x 24"
Acrylic on Canvas
I painted this a couple of weeks back, while at the studio tour in front of a "live" audience. Since I'm not entirely comfortable painting in front of others (I'm getting there though), I decided to stick with "comfort material". So I painted my favourite barn.


Sheila said...

Seeing this reminds me of how much I love your buildings! More please..

Leslie Hawes said...

Wonderful style. I like your barns!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

As always, your colors just draw me in. Love it, Jennifer!

Congrats on being able to paint it in front of people. It is hard to get used to, isn't it? Not al

Laura Bradley said...

Jennifer..forgive me if you already answered..and I certainly do not want to bother you...but I very much want your work in our art gallery! Please look at www.thebradleyartgallery.com and contact me soon if you can! Thank you Laura Bradley with The Braldey Art Gallery 608-873-9026 or thebradleyartgallery@yahoo.com