Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Up Ahead

Here is another painting that I just finished for my backroads series. I have been wanting to paint telephone wires for a while now - ever since I saw work by artist Angie Refro. I love her wires (and her birds rock too). Check it out.


FCP said...

The backroads series is awesome, Jennifer, especially your use of color spots and value changes.
Wow! Gorgeous!

Sheila said...

I love this!!! I've always had a thing for fence lines and have always wanted to paint them.

Thanks for inspiring me to give it a try!

Paula Cravens said...

I am so pleased you are painting again. These are wonderful!!

Connie said...

I love Angie Renfro's work, too, but yours has a luminous quality that is just breathtaking. Good work.
Camille Olsen put your link on her blog, so that's why I'm visiting.